Professional pressure accumulator sprayer

249,95 kr.

High quality pressure accumulator sprayer with 1.75 liter capacity for a serious micro green grower.
It can spray in any position (360 ° function). Rotatable and adjustable brass nozzle.

Irrigation can be time consuming and exhausting, especially with larger cultivation areas.

Ordinary spray bottles require a lot of physical work to move the liquid from the container to the growth area.

With the professional pressure sprayer, this is a thing of the past, because you can create a negative pressure in the container with little effort and then simply distribute the liquid over the cultivation area by pressing the spray button. You can spray in any position (even upside down!) Thanks to the weighted suction port, which can move flexibly in the container. The rotating and adjustable brass nozzle allows a really good setting for very fine or no atomization of the liquid.



  • Spray in any position (360 ° function)
  • Large filling opening
  • Swivel and adjustable brass nozzle for a fine spray pattern
  • Ergonomic and efficient hand pump
  • Protected safety and vent valve
  • Ergonomically closed handle
  • PET container with a capacity of 1.75 l
  • BPA-free

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