Mycelium – Shiitake

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Shiitake mycelium – Like oyster mushroom, shiitake mushrooms can be grown on coffee grounds or other types of pasteurized plant fibers.



  • A clean plastic bucket with a lid or a plastic bag. Approx. 2.0 – 2.5 liters.
  • Approx. 100 g mycelium. (Must be kept refrigerated)
  • Coffee grounds, fresh and chilled.
  • A spoon to stir the mixture together.

I have had the best results using coffee grounds from filter coffee, plunger jug ​​or similar.
Coffee grounds from an espresso machine can be very dry.


  • Cut 2-4 round holes of approx. 1.0 cm in diameter in the container, depending on the size of the container. Disinfect the container and other utensils with boiling water. If you use a bag, you can cut 1-2 cm long grooves, and avoid disinfection.
  • Put breathable tape such as sports tape or masking tape over the holes.
  • Mix coffee grounds and mycelium thoroughly in the container. The bag / bucket must be filled and the contents must be pressed well together. Put the lid on the bucket or close the bag tightly at the top.
  • After 2-3 weeks, the mycelium will have passed through the coffee grounds, and after another 1-2 weeks, the first fungi will begin to grow.
  • When the fungi are growing out, it is a good idea to spray them daily with a water sprayer as they may otherwise dry out.

NOTE! When ordering 5 Liters of mycelium (3000 grams), there is a 7-10 day delivery time

Happy mushroom farming.

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