Iconoclast (by Neversink Farm)

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This handheld tool has been modernized and adapted to the needs of today’s small intensive gardening uses.
Iconoclast is an important part of the ‘dig-free cultivation’ or NO-DIG kitchen garden.

  • Particularly suitable in the dig-free cultivation for cultivating the upper 2.5 cm of soil before sowing, where it leaves a beautiful seedbed – ready to sow in.
  • Perfect for leveling and decomposing newly added compost, leaving your original soil undisturbed.
  • It can be used to incorporate nutrients such as chicken manure in the top 2.5 cm of your bed, to maintain a healthy living soil and improve the balance of your soil significantly.
  • After harvesting your vegetables, ‘Iconoclast’ can be used to incorporate any residues from the previous crop, thereby feeding the soil with carbon and nourishing the life of the soil.
  • Iconoclast is not designed to turn soil layers like a typical cultivator, but only works in the surface (2.5 – 5 cm) which means that it maintains a healthy and living soil.

Depth adjustment can be achieved through the driver’s speed and by raising or lowering the handle height in combination with the box.
Iconoclast is solidly designed to meet the daily needs of farmers, while being light enough to be easily carried around the farm or garden by anyone.


  • Shoulder strap to easily carry The Iconoclast around the garden or yard.
  • Throttle cable for easy operation of the drill at any speed.
  • Clamping handle for quick change of handle angle.
  • Rubber grip for good comfort.
  • The product has been improved to meet the demands of daily work as a ‘market gardener’. Drill not included. 18 volt cordless drill or higher required for use.


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