Organic chicken manure granules – 10 kg

119,00 kr.

Organically granulated chicken manure 2-1-2. Farmergødnings organic chicken manure is an organic garden manure made from manure from approved organic, Danish chicken herds. After 1 year of composting, the fertilizer is ready for sale. Chicken manure is very plant-friendly as it contains all the main nutrients that make the addition of other fertilizers superfluous. It works throughout the growing season, as the nutrients are not leached but released in line with the needs of the plants. The fertilizer does not burn the plants, it is easy and clean to spread, can be used all year round and is free of weed seeds.

Note that fertilizer should not be buried, but simply cultivated with the top layer of soil.

Here’s how you do it:
Pr. 100m2
Kitchen garden: 50kg in the spring covers the entire growth period
Flower beds, shrubs and hedges: 10-30 kg
Strawberries, fruit trees and berry bushes: 50 kg, half in autumn
Lawns: 10 – 50 kg depending on where the green lawn is desired. Moss in the lawn will slowly disappear with the use of 40 – 50 kg.
The greenhouse: Before planting, add 0.5 kg per m2 which is cultivated in the upper layer. In the middle of the growth period, you can add 0.5 kg per. m2.

10 kg Organic granulated chicken manure 2-1-2. From organic chicken herds

Total nitrogen: (N) 2.5%
Citrate soluble phosphorus: (P) 0.9%
Water-soluble nitrogen: (N) 0.8%
Water-soluble potassium: (K) 1.8%


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