Cresco SRS Seed drill

1.995,95 kr.

Designed for the smaller ‘market gardener’ or large kitchen garden enthusiast.
It is quick and easy to operate: plow your furrow, throws seeds, covers seeds, packs the soil and marks the next row all in one go.

Comes with 10 seed plates for sowing more than 20 different vegetables.

The Eartway seed drill has just been given the rear wheel by its own new brother. ‘Cresco SRS’ is the name of Earthway’s new and enhanced version of the seed drill we know.

Of new improvements, e.g. mentioned:

  • The rear wheel has been widened to better compact the soil over the seed, ensuring a more efficient germination.
  • 10 different seed discs are now included against the 6 discs in the ‘old’ model.
  • The row marker has been amplified.
  • There is a lid on the seed container so you can continue to sow even if it rains.

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