Organic plant bag – 40 liters

Organic plant bag. Farmergødning’s organic plant bag contains organic growing medium made from willow chips and organic deep litter from cows and chickens. The plant bag can be used in a capillary box or directly at the bottom of the greenhouse. In both cases, drains must be cut in the bottom of the bag. Organic plant bag contains all the necessary nutrients for the first weeks of growth. After this, there may be need for supplemented with Farmergødning’s organic fertilizer.

Here’s how you do it:
First cut 2 – 3 holes in the bottom of the plant bag. Then turn the bag around and cut holes for the desired number of plants. Subsequently water until the soil is moist. Leave the bag until the next day. Check if there is a need for more water and plant accordingly. If capillary boxes are used where the water comes from below, it is recommended to water from above until the roots have a good grip. It can also be a good idea to water from above once a week during the summer so that the soil does not get too dry at the top.

40 liters of organic growing medium consisting of: 50% organically composted deep litter, 50% organic willow chips, finely divided and composted.

1½ x analysis, measured in water
pH 6.9-7.5
EC 25-40 mS / cm
Nitrate-N 90 -120 mg / l
Phosphorus 15-35 mg / l
Potassium 700-750 mg / l
Magn.Mg 12-18 mg / l
Calcium Ca 22-30 mg / l
Sulfate S 50-70 mg / l

99,00 kr.

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