Jang seeder JP-1

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The JP-1 seeder is a manual hand-held seed drill for sowing small vegetable or flower seeds e.g. beets, cabbage, carrots, lettuce, lavender.

With the right choice of seed rollers, it is also perfectly suited for larger seeds.

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A  single-row seeder for your ‘market garden’.
A real pleasure to use in a classic ‘market garden’ setup, this professional seed drill makes the work fast and efficient of sowing small and medium-sized seeds. By using the custom rollers to sow, you can achieve a really high accuracy.

NOTE! Exclusive wound rollers – SEE HERE


  • Sows a wide variety of crops with precision.
  • Virtually eliminates seed waste and the need for thinning, saving you money and labor.
  • Better germination as a result of improved contact between seed and soil.
  • Accurate sowing under different soil conditions.


  • Interchangeable gears allow you to easily adjust the sowing density in the row.
  • Transparent seed container allows you to monitor the seed level. includes a convenient sizing gauge for selecting the appropriate roll size; and makes it easy to replace rollers and seeds in the field.
  • The handle can be adjusted in height and or moved to the walkway.
  • Foam-covered drive wheels provide good traction, while the rear-wheel drive covers the seed.
  • Includes a set of six gears for adjusting row by row
  • Additional accessories and multi-row Jang JP are also available upon request.
  • A well-prepared sowing bed is recommended for use.
  • The seed rollers are necessary for use and are sold separately according to desired crops.
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